2nd TMA process for next product
PURE Energy Drink - Der durchsichtige Energy Drink. Kristallklar wie Wasser! Bestehend aus 87,7 % Berg quell Mineralwasser, 10,3% natürlichen Zucker, B-Vitamine und zudem zu 100% Vegan!
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2nd TMA process for next product

2nd TMA process for next product

The first procedure for the classic energy drink was flawless. It takes a lot of time and finally got the go, which made us very proud. The communication between the authority, our office and the headquarters in Germany required a lot of work, tact and small adjustments to the recipe.

So we want to build directly on this success and let the other product release.

“The demand for sugar-free is enormous. Also with the supermarket chain has already been talked about. We have thought of a special gimmick, with which we will be far ahead and can not wait.” so R. Diamond

Before, we do not want to reveal too much .. but: it will be a special sugar-free version

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