The first pallet arrived in Canada
PURE Energy Drink - Der durchsichtige Energydrink. Kristallklar wie Wasser! Bestehend aus 87,7 % Bergquellmineralwasser, 10,3% natürlichen Zucker, B-Vitamine und zudem zu 100% Vegan!
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The first pallet arrived in Canada

The first pallet arrived in Canada

With a few cans you do not get far. So a pallet had to go to Canada, because the first promotion test runs are already planned.

“People need to try and get to know PURE Energy, which of course only works with icy drinks and a good small talk with some pretty girls.
What do people like about Energy Drink? What are the value for?
What do they say that PURE is clear like water? “Says R. Diamond

Test cans, promotional material and other equipment were prepared in Germany and sent by ship to Montreal.

The first test run was brilliant. People immediately liked PURE and could not believe that an energy drink could be transparent.
The organizers also insisted that PURE Energy should again be a partner at the next event.
Let’s rock!