Made in Germany

PURE Energy Drink Produktion

Made in Germany

The two continents are not quite 5000 miles apart. But all the work before feels like a lot more.

This jorney takes long time. Working on all registrations and regulations. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) not only regulates the content of food. The labels on the packaging are also very important. This is exactly where many countries are different.

Starting with the nutrition facts on the entire can (instead of 100 ml as in Europe). Similarly, the FDA requires that the amount is printed on the front. But that’s just the beginning of a long list.

Our team worked on the specifications for many months. In addition, there were countless emails and phone calls between the FDA and Germany.
But the hard work pays off. The German headquarters received approval from the FDA.

PURE Energy Drink - Produktion Leerdosen

In the near future, the first production will start and be sent directly to Florida. The first negotiations with larger chains are already running. The gastronomy should not be neglected either. Here, too, discussions had already taken place in advance.

Some cooperation partners cannot wait to get started together. From the automotive sector to music videos. It won’t be boring.

“The American market has always been ahead of us. We noticed that again at the last trade fair. The reactions against to the German consumers are very different.

We can’t wait to finally get started in US. Our team is more than ready.”

so D. Schiwietz (Owner of PURE Energy)

Two more products are to be launched in America. These two are meant to be specifically for athletes. It should be another drink and the other to eat. But more is to be disclosed as soon as the FDA has given clearance.

All fingers crossed!

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