First shipment reaches Ukraine and soldiers


First shipment reaches Ukraine and soldiers

The PURE Germany team drove towards Poland on Sunday evening and were on the road all night.

The first destination was Katowice (Poland), which serves as an interim storage facility. The entire aid shipment was unloaded here and the group made their way to the supermarkets.

There, donations were used to buy additional supplies, such as emergency power generators, apples, diapers, etc. Back at the intermediate station, the vans were loaded for the next day to drive the delivery to the Ukraine.

“Admittedly, we were a little worried about what to expect on the first ride. My friend Gustav Schäfer has been driving for 2 weeks and trusts him. I can also speak Polish and a little Russian, which helps us a lot here at the border.”

David Schiwietz, CEO

However, the collected aid should be driven directly to the Ukraine. While most transports are intercepted before the border, the PURE team planned a direct delivery.
Through political contacts in Poland, a special permit has been obtained, which allows the PURE team to drive the aid delivery to the Ukraine and to pass the border control.
The team collected some impressions and followed everything on social media. It was important to show people that all donations are actually received.

“Our donations reach the soldiers. We had less than 30 minutes to transfer from our van to the Ukrainian van. The joy and gratitude of the drivers hit us very hard. Moments like this give us strength to keep going. They showed us photos of the Ukrainian soldiers unloading more donations.”

Joerg Wickesberg, sales manager

The PURE team reported that thousands of people were standing and holding out in the cold at the Ukraine border. In the group of our team is David Friedrich, who drives a bus. With every delivery of aid, he brings people across the border.

“The people there are waiting in the freezing cold and looking into our eyes for help. They hope that my choice falls on them. There is no one there to decide who will be driven out of the war zone next. We took a young mother with her little daughter who had been walking for 4 days. In the face of such strokes of fate, our eyes do not remain dry. Emotionally, it’s way too much.”

David Friedrich, German drummer

The PURE team is determined to keep going. The gratitude while the aids were loaded is exactly the moment that gives you the necessary strength to continue.