PURE Energy Drink


At last it was time! This show in the USA should be the first test for PURE. Accordingly, the excitement and tension in the team was very high. How do Americans react to the taste and appearance of PURE?

This should be tested together with the Canadian partner and businessman.

“I never dared dream that people would be so crazy about energy. The response was overwhelming and couldn’t believe it.

I am sure that something big is ahead of us. With a lot of work, of course.”

so PURE Canada
made by Forever Current Studios

A part of the German headquarters came to help. Because in addition to the trade fair, there is a lot of work after this time. So the team met afterwards to exchange ideas. Authorities also had to be dealt with. And the first discussions with potential customers were not long in coming.

As soon as all FDA regulations should be ready, the first production should start. The first shipment will arrive in Florida.

“In my everyday life I notice that many people underestimate our work. How long it can take before the first production can be approved by a health department. Not every country is the same and has different attitudes.

I always notice how small Germany actually is. Nevertheless, our country stands for a high standard of production. That makes me very proud!”

so F. Burkart (Assistant to the Management)

Further trade fairs in US are not excluded and it should also be passed on in the sports sector.

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