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The first procedure for the classic energy drink was flawless. It takes a lot of time and finally got the go, which made us very proud. The communication between the authority, our...

After countless documents, mails and calls comes the final answer – PURE is proofed! So the last step is working on the label and prepare everything for the first import!More...

Even before the first production, the first supermarket chain was already showing interest in the sale of PURE Energy. In addition to the first talks, another packaging unit is als...

New samples have been received in our office and will be tasted by our team shortly. The composition is promising and unique in the market. “We are all very excited about the...

With a few cans you do not get far. So a pallet had to go to Canada, because the first promotion test runs are already planned. “People need to try and get to know PURE Energ...

From Germany to Canada.This jorney takes long time, to work on all registrations and proofings from customs. The Canadian market is very open for new products and the people really...

PURE Energy Drink Dose / Can

PURE Energy Drink

The crystal clear energy drink with a fresh taste and real mineral water.

87,7% mineral water

10,3g beet sugar

vegan, halal and B vitamins

44 kcal / 100 ml


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Did you know that?

Nearly 70% of all cans are recycled and save up to 95% of the energy during the production.  Every can is 100% recyclable and saleable in less than 60 days.

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PURE Energy Drink Canada

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PURE Energy
The transparent energy drink.

Crystal clear like water! Consisting of 87.7% volcanic eifel water, 10.3% natural sugar, B vitamins and also 100% vegan!